OTK's skating school for children

OTK's skating school groups offer the perfect opportunity to learn basic skating techniques in safe and encouraging environment with exprienced coaches. 

OTK has four skating school groups:

DayTimeLocationSeason starts
Tuesday18:15-19:00Malmi ice rink (Talttakuja 6)3rd of September
Saturday10:00-10:45Malmi ice rink (Talttakuja 6)7th of September
Sunday11:30-12:15Malmi ice rink (Talttakuja 6)8th of September
Sunday14:45-15:30Helsinki ice rink (Nordenskiöldinkatu 11-13)15th of September


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150 € + 30 € membership fee     groups at Malmi ice rink

120 € + 30 € membership fee     group at Helsinki ice rink

Price includes 12/15 skating lessons, membership fee and insurance. A child can come to try skating once for free.

OTK's groups for adults

OTK's adult groups offer both beginners and more experienced skaters the opportunity to develop their skating skills with exprienced coaches.

OTK has four groups for adults:

LevelDayTimeLocationSeason startsStatus of the group
Adults 1 (beginners)Tuesday18:15-19:00Malmi ice rink (Talttakuja 6)3rd of Septemberfull

Adults 1 (beginners)

Saturday10:00-10:45Malmi ice rink (Talttakuja 6)7th of Septemberfull
Adults 1 (beginners)Sunday14:45-15:30Helsinki ice rink (Nordenskiöldinkatu 11-13)15th of Septemberplaces left
Adults 2Saturday18:25-19:45Hernesaari ice rink (Hernematalankatu 6)7th of Septemberplaces left
Adults 3Saturday8:45-9:45Malmi ice rink (Talttakuja 6)7th of Septemberfull


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Phone number: Maiju Laaksonen 040 544 1760


Adults 1 (beginners) at Malmi ice rink         195 € + 30 € membership fee   

Adults 1 (beginners) at Helsinki ice rink      185 € + 30 € membership fee   

Adults 2                                                    299 € + 30 € membership fee  

Adults 3                                                    255 € + 30 € membership fee